Improves the living conditions of people in need of ice is a growing parallel. Frozen Clean and fresh water is created by cylindrical ice cubes are odorless and clean. It complies with the prescribed health standards. Chilling drinks can be consumed or produces ice tubular for use in cold dishes.
This type of ice is generally available for every need. The middle part is the blank into a cylindrical shape having a small hall and transparent. consistency is hard and free of dust. THERMODESIGN tube made of ice machines for industrial purposes and a seamless product is designed to be hygienic.

Compared with each other in terms of ice sheets and tubes during the ice melting ice melting tube can remain longer.

22, 29, 35 and 29mm but which is produced in 41 mm diameter standars.
Surfaces in contact with water are made of stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316

Refrigerant R404A, R507 or R22 is available. (R404A is standard)

Daily Ice Capacity

15000 kg/24h

Hourly Ice Capacity

625 kg/h

Cooling Capacity

90000 watt

Ice Diameter

29 mm

Compressor Swept Volume

237 m3/h

Compressor Power

90 Hp

Compressor Electric Power

161 kw/h

Compressor Current Drawn

102 Amp

Compressor Type

Screw Type






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