“Sailor” type ice machines can tolerate shake and wobble of the vessel and is specifically designed to withstand the marine environment which causes corrosion. Producing ice with water from the sea and with condensers that are cooled with sea water are produced in three different models. Ice production capacity range is 1500kg and 7500 kg of ice per day range. We have The vertical-type evaporators, 1,5T ton / day capacity of our model, which is produced as a horizontal type evaporator.
• Ice generator with air-cooled condenser, optional with water-cooled
• Including gear motor, water pump and optionally salt mix pump control box
• Ice knife and construction are made of stainless steel
• Base is made of anti corossive painted steel
• Ice drum is made of Al/Chrome plated Garbon steel
• Fitted with semi-hermetic or screw compressors
• Refrigerant R404a, R507a or R22
• Higher condenser and fan capacity to calculate for use under extreme circumstances

Daily Ice Capacity

7500 kg

Hourly Ice Capacity

313 kg

Cooling Capacity

50000 watt

Compressor Swept Volume

222 m3/h

Compressor Power

60 Hp

Compressor Electric Power

32 kw/h

Compressor Current Drawn

60 Amp

Compressor Type

Semi Hermetic

Condenser Type

Water Cooling

Evaporator Type

Vertical Drum


1300x1950x1700 mm

Ice Discharge Outlet Size




Required Pump Flow

22000 m3/h


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