MOBILE COLD ROOMS, Due to the fact that the container type cold storages THERMODESIGN is portable, you can put it anywhere because it is portable, you can move it or hire it, the fact that it is portable offers you many advantages. The assembly and disassembly of fixed type panel cold storage depots is quiet costly and it will be deformed when more than one dismantling is carried out, therefore many business owners, and especially fishing companies prefer portable container type cold storages.

THERMODESIGN mobile container type cold storage is suitable for international container transport standards and it does not have any machine ridges except the container dimensions, for that reason it provides ease of handling provided for this reason the machine does not have tabs. It is also possible to produce it in special sizes.

The net passage door gap on the panel insulation is 90cm.x190cm. There is clear passage. The visible material of the insulation panels is polyester painted galvanized sheet.

The cooling devices on top of it can operate smoothly even under sahara type tropical conditions. The compressor models can be selected betweens many different worlwide brands

Temperature Range

+5℃ / -23 ℃

Cooling Capacity

3200 watt

Evaporation Temperature

-30 ℃

Compressor Type


Compressor Power

3 Hp

Compressor Swept Volume

74,25 cm3/h

Door Type

Hinged Pvc+Pvc

Door Crossing Dimensions


Insulation Type

Sandwich Panel

Panel Surface


Floor Surface Metarial





Container (20ft)




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