THERMODESIGN advices the container type freezing tunnel because it is portable, you can put where you want, or you can rent it, to be portable gives you many advantages. You can use your garden from where you can win or loading in factory where cover is provided.

Mounting and dismounting of the fixed type panel can be quite costly cold storage is also deformed into multiple disassembly, so many business owners and especially fishing companies prefer portable container type cold storages. Plenty of time and places where fishing (in ports) is very convenient to use.

THERMODESIGN portable container type is according to the international transportation freezing systems, there is no standard container sizes except projection machine thus providing ease of transport.

Sea countries for the excessive production of special sizes are possible. Especially into standard sea freight containers in order to bring down the high transport rates are specifically designed to fit the dimensions.

What transition range on the panel door isolation 100cm.x190cm. What is transitive. PVC coated surface material appearing galvalum insulation panels of sheet metal.

On the refrigerator it can operate smoothly even in the desert type tropical conditions. Dual-stage compressors are special deep-cooling compressor.

Temperature Range

+20/-40 ℃

Product Inlet Temperature

+10 ℃

Freezing Amount (8h)


Freezing Amount (12h)


Freezing Amount (24h)


Product Type

Fish (Medium Size)

Efective Loading Area


Fish Bin Quantity (max)


Cooling Capacity

29000 watt

Compressor Type

Double Stage Semi Hermetic

Compressor Power

40 Hp

Compressor Electric Power

25 kw/h

Compressor Current Drawn

52 Amp

Compressor Swept Volume

122,4 m3/h

Door Type

Hinged Pvc+Pvc

Door Crossing Dimensions


Insulation Type

Sandwich Panel

Panel Surface


Floor Surface Metarial

Playwood + 2mm Cr.Ni




30ft Container (Spc)




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