Works with fresh water. In standard operating conditions and it can operate seamlessly in tropical conditions. Quiet and highly efficient. With the vertical type evaporator it produces hygienic ice and can run endlessly. The cooling equipment consists of high-quality equipment used in European norms.
• Ice generators are air-cooled condenser, water cooled optional.
• Gear motor, water pump and, optionally, salt mixing pump control box.
• ice blade and chassis stainless steel.
• The body is made of painted steel with anti corossiv
• garbon steel drums are covered.
• or semi-hermetic screw compressors is.
• R404A, R507 or R22 refrigerant.
• High condenser and fan capacity has gone through very rigorous testing.

Daily Ice Capacity

30000 kg

Hourly Ice Capacity

1266 kg

Cooling Capacity

150900 watt

Compressor Swept Volume

463,2 m3/h

Compressor Power

3×40 Hp

Compressor Electric Power

82,2 kw/h

Compressor Current Drawn

142,5 Amp

Compressor Type

Semi Hermetic

Condenser Type

Air Cooling

Evaporator Type

Vertical Drum

Ice Discharge Outlet Size





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