Flake ice is usually made up of large, flat, thin pieces of ice and is mainly used in the fishing and concrete cooling industries. Thermodesign flake ice machines are made for commercial and industrial application and have been designed to produce clean and fresh flake ice and sea water flake ice in a trouble free manner. The flake ice produced by Thermodesign machines is sub-cooled to -5°C/-9°C. Due to the high amount of energy accumulation the ice will last much longer than other types of ice used for preserving fish. In addition, the shape of flake ice offers a large surface area whereby the product is cooled rapidly. The thickness of the ice will be around 2 mm. The firmness of the ice can be adjusted by adding salt to the water. To facilitate this a special salt mixing pump and reservoir are optional. However it is not necessary to add salt into the fresh water to produce ice. Our machines are manufactured to produce ice without salt (fresh water flake ice) and with sea water models. The machines can be fitted with either an air- or water-cooled condenser.
• Easily integrated into (central) refrigeration plants
• Refrigerant R717, R404a, R507a or R22
• Ice production and refrigeration equipment can be located separately
• Includes base plate, ice knife and internal rotating mechanism
• With heavy duty gear motor and switch board

Daily Ice Capacity

10000 kg

Hourly Ice Capacity

416,7 kg

Required Cooling Capacity

58000 watt

Evaporation Temperature

-22 ℃

Ice Discharge Outlet Size


Reducer Motor Power

0,75 kw

Water Pump Power

250 watt






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