Termodesign presser Block Ice machines are dynamic and smart design has more convenient than others. It allows you to obtain ice blocks by pressing the ice produced by the flake ice machine. Width and length of the block of ice Brainy height to be fixed by the PLC system can change as you like, this feature is a feature that most distinguishes from others of our product, this way making only timings can produce the same block of ice in the ice machine in different capacities. You can provide your customers with price options in different sizes and weights.

Brittleness of the ice takes the form of ice blocks is more robust than ordinary market, as well as resistance to heat is produced from pieces of ice is a little more durable than standard ice.

You can produce two different ice THERMODESIGN presser; 2- 1-leaf ice block ice. This production starts on the fly to suit your preferences via the electrical panel.

Sensors on product quality equipment and protective equipment is used to provide long-lasting operation of the machine.

Daily Block Ice Capacity

Max. 1200 pcs

Hourly Block Ice Capacity

Max. 50 pcs

Block Ice Dimensions


Block Ice Weight

5 kg


1696x1520x1600 mm

Hydrolic Engine Motor Power

3 kw


750 kg


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