TERMODESİGN block ice machines more useful than the old system has a dynamic and intelligent design. It allows you to obtain ice blocks by pressing the ice produced by the flake ice machine. With the Block ice you can change the width and height by adjusting the electronic control panel, this feature is a feature that most distinguishes from others of our product, so that, by simply setting timing can produce the same block of ice in the ice machine in different capacities.
It presents you the following advantages:
* Clean and Hygienic
* Fast & Easy to Use
* Mold & Glycol Brine None None
* Changeable Ice Measurements
* New Design & New Ice Technology
* Consistent size, shape and weight of the ice production
* Possibility of use as ice sheets or blocks
* Blocks perfectly suited to stacking in the freezer and shelf
* Hydraulic system
* Continuous Production Facility
* One man operation and work
* Never hold the ice and generate new production counts.
All Block Dimensions and Weights by model:
Block ice size: 15 x 15 x 30 cm. 5kg
Block ice size: 20 x 20 x 50 cm. 15kg.
Block ice size: 25 x 25 x 50 cm. 23kg.

Daily Flake Ice Capacity

15000 kg/24h

Daily Block Ice Capacity

652 Pcs

Hourly Block Ice Capacity

27 Pcs

Block Ice Dimensions


Block Ice Weight


Cooling Capacity

100600 watt

Compressor Swept Volume

308,8 m3/h

Compressor Type

Semi Hermetic

Compressor Power

2×40 Hp

Compressor Electric Power

54,8 kw/h

Compressor Current Drawn

95 Amp



Ice Discharge Outlet Size

1277 mm

Hydrolic Engine Motor Power

5,5 kw


5100 kg


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