Flake Ice Machine (Fresh Water)

flake ice machines fresh water
It can operate seamlessly in tropical conditions and in standard conditions

Flake Ice Machine (Sea Water)

sea water flake ice
Machine condensers cooled with sea water or optionally cooled air.

Container Type Blast Freezer

container blast freezer
With reason to be portable, you can put where you want, or you can hire.

Container Type Cold Depots

Meat and fishing companies prefer portable container type cold storages.

Cyristal Tube Ice Machines

cyristal tube ice
Tube ice machines made for industrial purposes and it is seamless product.

Mobile Butcher & Fisheries Stores

<mobile store
Electricity and water connection is sufficient and does not require installation. It is ready to use.

Mobile Block Ice Machines (Press)

press type block ice
It allows you to obtain ice blocks by pressing the ice produced by the flake ice machine.

Mobile Block Ice Machines (Brine)

brine type block ice
Using the brine method allows you to obtain ice blocks.

Container Mobile Hospital

mobile hospital
Mobile hospitals are specifically designed to obtain benefits in the field.

Block Ice Machines (Press)

block ice
Block ice machines have a useful than the older system designs.

Cold Rooms and Cooling Units

cooling units
The appropriate cooling device which provides you with cold storage on an industrial scale.

Flake Ice Evaporators

flake ice evaporators
It is designed in a clean way to produce fresh water and sea water flake ice.